University of Richmond - Environmental Studies Program

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28 Westhampton Way
Richmond, VA 23173
United States
804-289-8000 (Main Phone)
The Environmental Studies Program offers students the opportunity to study how humans should relate to the natural world, a subject that has become increasingly relevant as more people begin paying attention to the Earth’s limited resources and our own impact on those resources.

Environmental Studies Major & Minor

Environmental studies integrates the study of interactions among physical, chemical and biological components of the environment. Students take many courses in the natural sciences, but not at the expense of courses in the social sciences and humanities. The field has grown substantially since the 1960s, as public awareness of environmental problems grew. The public began to rely on informed scientists to recommend practical public policies and environmental standards. Today, environmental scientists study issues like climate change, conservation, biodiversity, pollution, natural resource usage, waste management and sustainable development.
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