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Environmental Policy and Planning (EPPL) B.A./B.S.

We as a society depend on and value the environment for basic services such as food production, climate regulation, and recreation. In turn, societies have a significant impact on the environment, which in turn, can have significant economic and quality of life impacts. However, environmental problems are often difficult to resolve because they are embedded in a complex mesh of economics, politics, culture, and behavior. In order to address environmental problems in the future, we will need citizens who understand the human dimensions of these issues. The purpose of this new major in Environmental Policy and Planning is to provide students with an opportunity to concentrate on the related social science and policy dimensions of environmental problems.

The major integrates a group of courses to comprise a coherent approach to the study of the human dimensions of environmental problems. The major provides a recognizable, meaningful label to a concentration of courses that are customized by the student, thus making graduates viable as potential employees or candidates for graduate education. The major is managed by the Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences.

Environmental Policy and Planning is offered as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and a minor within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Students will take a common core of courses in anthropology, economics, geographical and sustainability sciences, and political science. Then, students choose between the Planning and Policy tracks. Each track has one course required for all and a selection of courses from which students pick an additional three. The Planning track has courses primarily in geographical and sustainability sciences and in urban and regional planning. The Policy track has courses primarily in political science and geographical and sustainability sciences.

Students can double major by counting some of the same courses toward Environmental Policy & Planning and either Geographical and Sustainability Sciences or Political Science. Honors in the major and a four-year graduation plan are options.
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