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What is Environmental Engineering?
The environmental engineering program provides undergraduate students with the background necessary to bridge the gap between understanding challenging societal problems in the air, water, land, and subsurface environments, and preventing and solving them in a sustainable manner. The discipline of environmental engineering is in constant flux due to the manner in which human society and the economy have interacted with the natural environment since the industrial revolution. Students in our program are introduced to the tools of green engineering design as they are being developed on the cutting edge of sustainability research.

Upper-level coursework in environmental engineering includes analysis and design of water and waste water treatment systems, water resources, air pollution control technologies, solid waste and hazardous substance management and regulations, and sustainability.

Success Factors:
Successful environmental engineers have a strong foundation in math and science. Skills in calculus and chemistry are particularly important. Engineers are problem solvers and enjoy thinking "outside the box" to develop creative solutions to problems.

Career Possibilities:
In 2010 the American Academy of Environmental Engineers published the following forecast: You can be a researcher, a designer, a planner, an operator of pollution control facilities, a professor, a government regulatory agency official, a manager of programs, or be involved in professional society work. (Employers) can be private consulting engineering firms, universities, private research firms, testing laboratories, government agencies of all types (federal, state and local), or all types of major corporations and private businesses.

Additional career options are listed on the Center for Exploratory Studies website.

Majoring in Environmental Engineering:
UC’s environmental engineering program is a bachelor’s degree program designed to be completed in five years. Students are required to alternate semesters of practical, paid work assignments with semesters of on-campus academic study during their second, third and fourth years. All freshmen engineering students have a similar program of study consisting of courses in chemistry and physics, mathematics, and English.

In addition, the environmental engineering curriculum introduces students to the tools of green engineering design as they are being developed on the cutting edge of sustainability research, and students may choose to explore these strategies in more depth as one of the focus areas of the program. All students in their senior year participate in a capstone-design experience that fosters interaction and communication between different engineering disciplines while applying environmental engineering principles to a field problem.
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