University of California - Los Angeles - Environmental Health Sciences Program

ID# 000700
650 Charles E. Young Dr. South 16-035 Center for Health Sciences
Los Angeles, CA 90095
United States
310-825-4321 (Main Phone)
Environmental Health Sciences explores the links between health and the environment in order to prevent harmful exposure while promoting a healthier built environment.
The field of environmental health grew out of a need to protect workers from very high exposures to chemical and physical hazards in industrial settings. The methods developed for the work place are now used to measure the exposure of ordinary citizens to environmental agents as they move through the many microenvironments of everyday life.

Students in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences gain a comprehensive understanding of:

• How environmental stressors cause injury.
• How populations are exposed to environments that compromise health.
• Assessing potential for harm.
• Designing science-based policies to address current and future environmental health challenges.
• Promoting a healthier built environment to improve health outcomes.

Degree Program Summary:

• MS
• PhD
• PhD - Molecular Toxicology
• DrPH
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