University of Alaska Anchorage - Environment and Society Program

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Environmental problems and society’s responses to the challenges presented by a changing environment are some of the most pressing issues facing our modern world. The interdisciplinary baccalaureate degree program in environment and society prepares students to be informed citizens and for careers in environmental advocacy, policy setting and analysis, education, urban and resource planning, and graduate studies in a variety of disciplines.

The curriculum in the environment and society degree program will educate students about the fundamental role of interconnected, natural/living systems in supporting life and social well-being and the key threats to these systems and the challenges society faces in meeting these threats. In addition, students are exposed to the key methods and tools they will need to engage as professionals and citizens to promote the long-term health and vitality of ecological, social, economic, and cultural systems and to make informed decisions about environmental issues.

The Bachelor of Science in Environment and Society, as well as other coursework offered by the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, places emphasis on community engagement and the development of advanced skills in public science writing.

Degree Options Available:

• BA in Environment & Society
• BS in Environment & Society
• Minor in Environmental Studies
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