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Environmental Engineering is a distinct discipline of engineering that integrates knowledge and tools from multiple disciplines to manage the impact of humans on the environment. Environmental engineers focus on protecting and improving air, water, and land natural resources. They also manage the various residuals from industrial processes through treatment, recycling, reuse, and safe disposal. From designing drinking water treatment plants to working with transportation planners on reducing air pollution to controlling run-off from urban areas, environmental engineers design, manage, and operate systems that reduce the impact of society on the environment and improve human health and quality of life.

Interests and Skills:
Environmental engineers are interested in how natural and managed systems respond to physical, chemical, and biological process in order to reduce to the impact of industrialized society on human health and the environment. Environmental engineers engage in developing next generation integrated waste management systems, integrated water reuse, and sustainable cities.

Degree Options:
Students with high academic achievement may also apply to Honors College and the departmental Scholars Program, which is an integrated five-year BSEnvE/MSCE program.

Career Opportunities:
Environmental engineering provides a spectrum of career opportunities with consulting firms, public utilities, state and federal governments, and industry. In addition, environmental engineering graduates can use their technical knowledge and skills for entry into other professions such as medicine, law, public and industrial health, and natural resource management.
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