SafeX, Inc.

140 N. Otterbein Avenue
Westerville, OH 43081
United States

Every company is on a mission. At Safex, we live and breathe our mission and values, and we think it's part of what makes us awesome. They guide us in all we do, and they'll guide us when we work with you! You deserve working with a group of top-notch people who stay true to their mission and values.

Safex Mission
"Safex applies our core values to create work environments that maximize employee well-being and safety while increasing profits for our clients."

Okay, so imagine you had a group of smart people who can make your life and your job a lot easier. Let’s say they could do a lot of things that you need done, such as:

• Develop a health and safety plan
• Test your employees’ respirators
• Test and evaluate your indoor air quality
• Ensure that you stay compliant with regulations
• et cetera, et cetera.

You might say this sounds pretty improbable, right? Well, it’s not because it’s exactly who we are. Consider us your go-to resource for anything and everything health and safety related. You can lean on us. We’ve got the skills, the experience and the teamwork needed to keep you happy, safe and healthy. Our specialists are divided into three groups:

• Safety Group
• Industrial Hygiene Group
• Training Group

The Way We Work
We’ve created a really efficient Project Management Model that allows us to meet your project objectives and minimize your costs. Why? Because we honestly care about you and understand that you have a timeline and budget to meet.

• You’ll have an experienced Safex Technical Manager assigned to provide the technical oversight for your project.
• The Project Lead is responsible for completing your project on time and on budget.
• And if needed, Project Staff, who have completed a four-year academic program and have experience with similar projects, conduct the specific site activities.
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