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Environmental issues continue to be prominent in the lives of everyone.

Essentially no place on the planet has escaped perturbation resulting from activities of an ever-growing human population. The challenge is to maintain those attributes of the Earth that make it habitable while at the same time providing for human needs. Science will play an absolutely critical role in enabling technological civilizations to move toward sustainable interactions with the natural world.

While effective environmental scientists must be rigorously educated in one area of science, they must have a perspective far broader than any single science discipline affords. In fact, cognizance of considerations beyond just the sciences is also required. Rensselaer’s environmental science degree addresses these challenges with a multifaceted program.

The Environmental Seminar considers topical environmental issues from numerous perspectives. Through it, students receive a broad overview of environmental challenges in preparation both for their major and for leadership roles in environmental science.

Minor Programs:
Sustainable stewardship of the environment is the single most important challenge facing the world, and this minor is ideal for students wishing to develop a multidisciplinary background in environmental science.
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