Nova Southeastern University - Environmental Science/Studies Program

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Earth matters. A changing environment needs highly educated people who can address both scientific and societal challenges. But how? How do we improve society while living within the limits of natural resources?

What you'll study
In addition to interdisciplinary courses, you will choose either the science track or the environmental studies track. Core courses ground you in Everglades ecology, chemistry, and environmental law. Electives expand into cell biology, biodiversity, and ecotourism. A theme of sustainability unites a diversity of fields.

How you'll learn more
Field studies. Internships. Visits to local ecosystems. You will be living in an epicenter of extreme biodiversity and extreme development. Biology and sociology come alive as you struggle to find solutions to local and global problems.

Where it can take you
Understanding complexity gives you a framework to find meaningful work. The sciences open doors to technical fields and graduate study, and the environmental studies track prepares you for policy and service jobs, often with government or nonprofit agencies. The Earth remains your lifelong laboratory.
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