Nevada State College - Environmental & Resource Science Program

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In the Environmental & Resource Science program, we are committed to helping create a carbon-neutral, sustainable future where we do not consume resources any faster than they can be renewed. One of the ways we support this commitment is through our Environmental & Resource Science Major, a degree for students interested in making a positive change in the world while also learning skills necessary to help public and private organizations implement sound environmental practices. Ultimately, this program is dedicated to helping solve one of the greatest problems of our century: How can our culture thrive without harming the ability of later generations to do the same?

As an Environmental & Resource Sciences major, you will study the environment, the impact of industrialization and urbanization, and the ways we can utilize renewable energy. As you progress, you will learn the technical skills necessary for measuring changes in the environment and the critical skills necessary to analyze and develop environmental policies.

Program Degree Options Available:

• Bachelors in Environmental & Resource Science
• Minor in Environmental & Resource Sciences

A degree in environmental & resource science from NSC will prepare you for a wide variety of careers such as:

• Agricultural agent
• Animal scientist
• Biochemist
• Chemical engineer
• Ecologist
• Environmental activist
• Environmental consultant
• Environmental researcher
• Environmental scientist
• Environmental lawyer
• Government regulator
• Microbiologist
• Parasitologist
• Pollution engineer
• Range manager
• Soil scientist
• Toxicologist
• Waste mgt. tech.
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