Millersville University - Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management Program

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Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management - BA MDST Major

Emergency Management is the academic discipline that educates and trains those interested in protecting and building disaster resilient communities. The field of emergency management has shown significant growth and continues to further develop as disasters and major emergencies become more frequent and costly and as response and recovery from these events require collaboration and coordination.

Careers Opportunities:
Emergency management professionals are employed at each level of government (e.g., local, state, and federal) and within various governmental agencies at each level.

• Departments of Emergency Management
• Departments of Public Health
• Departments of Transportation
• Departments of Public Works
• Non-profit disaster relief organizations
• Domestic and international nongovernmental organizations
• Energy sector
• Private sector emergency management consulting
• Information technology

This multi-disciplinary program of study with a focus on environmental hazards and emergency management will prepare you to apply the theoretical underpinnings of emergency management to practice, obtain a knowledge of natural hazards from a scientific perspective and the global, national, regional, and local impacts of these events, interpret and analyze appropriate data and information technology related to natural hazards and emergency management, recognize the effective methods for decision making and problem solving related to emergency management, and exhibit competency in assessing risk susceptibility, resilience and vulnerability within a community or organizations.
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