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Located squarely at the intersection of science, technology, and psychology, careers in Environmental Sustainability and Technology span myriad job descriptions and represent an endless array of new, exciting challenges. Depending on their interests, students can pursue the very timely topics of energy generation and conservation, water quality, recycling, solid waste management, and environmental safety, both through addressing specific issues and through environmental engineering design. These interdisciplinary programs are invaluable in today's world with its numerous unanswered questions about what's happening to planet Earth.

A job that satisfies...
A student pursuing a degree in Environmental Health and Safety soon realizes one of the real joys of the profession—every day on the job is a day spent making things safer and improving the health and future health of others, be they coworkers, neighbors, or complete strangers. This makes the field satisfying in a way one usually associates with medical occupations. It also makes every day different and every challenge new. “I know that the work I do every day keeps the men and women I work with safe and healthy and able to go home to their families every night,” says Eva Wright, a recent graduate of the program who now works for Antea Group in Seattle, Washington.

Students who major in the Environmental Sustainability and Technology program pursue a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

Undergraduate students may also pursue a minor in Environmental Science and Technology.

Other undergraduate majors in the Department of Engineering Technology leading to a B.S. include Engineering Technology with three concentrations: Computer Engineering Technology, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology, or Mechanical Engineering Technology and Construction Management, also with three concentrations: Commercial Construction Management, Electrical Construction Management, or Land Development/Residential Building Construction Management. Interested students may take courses in Pre-engineering and Pre-architecture.

Undergraduate minors available include: Electronics, Engineering Systems, Engineering Technology, and Construction Management.

Graduate students can pursue a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in either Engineering Technology or Occupational Health and Safety.
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