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The Biology Department offers a program which provides students with a comprehensive foundation in biology, preparing them to enter a variety of professional fields or transfer to a graduate or health-professional program.

Biology majors are required to take a set of core courses: BIOL 121, 122, 308, 317, 350, and 420. In addition, majors must take CHEM 221, 222, and 331; MATH 131; PHYS 201 and 202; and a statistics course. Students are encouraged to conduct a senior thesis project. Students must maintain a 2.50 grade average overall and attain a C or better in all required math and science courses.

After their freshman year, students are encouraged to select from four tracks the one which includes courses to best meet their interests, prepare them to fulfill career goals, and provide them with a comprehensive background in biology. Any area selected should include enough credits beyond required courses in Biology to fill the 40-hour requirement. Courses are listed by number, not by recommended sequence. If a particular track does not meet a student's needs, an alternate track may be designed in consultation with a department advisor.

• Cell/Molecular Biology (molecular and biochemical processes of life)
• Environmental Biology/Ecology (interactions of organisms with the biotic and abiotic environment)
• Health (preparation for professions such as physician, dentist, veterinarian, etc.)
• Pre-physical Therapy (preparation for admission to Physical Therapy graduate schools)

Career Experience:
To enhance the scope of their education and meet the requirement of the General Education program, students are also encouraged to enroll in at least three hours of career experience/internship or participate in a Study Tour. The Biology Department and the Career Services Office will assist the student in locating a suitable position.
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