Loyola University - New Orleans - Environmental Studies Program

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6363 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118
United States
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Curriculum for Environment Studies Majors
All majors enrolled in this program take a 4-course core curriculum, 11-12 hours of concentration courses within their major, selected adjunct courses and 30-33 hours of electives (major electives and general electives). This curriculum introduces students to the major global and regional environmental issues facing the planet today, and provides students with the knowledge and problem-solving skills that will enable them to play an active role in understanding our global and regional ecosystems and contributing to their future well-being. Depending on the area of concentration, this curriculum will prepare students for entry into graduate or professional schools and career paths in a diversity of fields such as environmental research, environmental policy/law, sustainability planning and development, natural resource management and conservation, environmental communications, environmental education, creative writing, environmental consulting and many others, in both public and private sectors. Graduating seniors must also complete an exit interview with the Program Director.

Core Curriculum
Environmental Science and Environmental Studies majors are expected to complete a 4-course core curriculum that consists of an introductory foundations course, a course in statistics, an ecology and evolution course, and a senior capstone course (The Senior Experience).

In addition to the concentration and core courses, students will take appropriate major elective and adjunct courses in each of the three main program areas: natural sciences/mathematics, social sciences/business/law, and humanities/arts. These courses are intended to provide students with an increased understanding of the breadth of perspectives examining environmental issues and to strengthen fundamental skills and knowledge in the natural sciences and the environment. All students are required to take a course in Environmental Ethics or Environmental Philosophy. B.S. and B.A. (Humanities concentration) students are required to take Environmental Sociology. Beyond these requirements, the specific adjunct and major elective courses required vary depending upon the major and area of concentration.
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