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Careers in Public Safety and Health - Police, Fire and Emergency Medicine - are as demanding intellectually and physically as they are exciting. Extensive schooling is needed to prepare students to take jobs protecting the public and lifelong learning is needed to maintain one's job, all while maintaining excellent physical condition. Still, the satisfaction of being "out there, when it happens, making a difference to protect life and property" makes the challenge of such a career worth it to the thousands of Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians in the Bay Area.

Students whose future interest lies in Law, Medicine or other related fields take classes in Public Safety and Health because they find the unique opportunity to learn "hands-on" is valuable later in their working lives.

While units in this program are transferable to many institutions, students should consult a counselor for transfer information.

Department Programs Available:

• Administration of Justice
• Fire Service Technology
• Occupational Safety & Health
• Paramedic Training Program

Administration of Justice Program Description:
The Las Positas College Administration of Justice program offers courses that lead to an Associate in Arts degree and a Basic Peace Officer Academy for students seeking full-time employment in law enforcement. The degree program prepares students for transfer to a four-year college or university while the Basic Peace Officer Academy program prepares students for direct job entry with a California law enforcement agency. Students interested in Forensics are directed to the Computer Networking Technology Certificate in Computer Forensics Examiner.

Fire Service Technology Program Description:
Fire protection is a highly specialized professional field in public service or private industry requiring extensive knowledge and use of scientific principles. This program teaches successful application of the fundamental principles of fire protection including suppression and extinguishment of fires, rescue, emergency medical services, prevention techniques and practices, preplanning for fire protection, and disaster control. Designed for direct job entry, this program provides technical knowledge and the ability to work within an organized system at a fire or other emergency scene. While units in the program are transferable to many institutions, students should consult a counselor for information.

Occupational Safety & Health Program Description:
The Occupational Safety and Health worker implements mandated health and safety regulations in an effort to control occupational accidents and diseases, property losses and injuries due to unsafe working conditions. The safety and health worker may specialize in fire and property, chemical and radiological safety, emergency response, general workplace safety, transportation, construction, systems or product design.

Classes in the program can be applied towards Continuing Education Units for Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses and OHST (Occupational Health and Safety Technician) certification.

Paramedic Training Program Description:
The Paramedic Training program at Las Positas College will be transitioning to a for-credit college course program. College credit will be offered and the course will satisfy the requirements for academic credit towards their associate’s degree in EMS or a Certificate of Achievement through Las Positas College. As a course approved by the State Chancellor’s Office, Financial Aid is available if the student qualifies. The costs of the program will be charged at $46.00 per unit and there will be a Materials and Lab Fee of approximately $888.00 for I.V. catheters, uniforms, Scrub Suit, Course Certification card and fees for National Registry Paramedic Licensing Testing, ACLS, PALS. /PEPP, PHTLS, and TECC. The final Materials and Fees cost will be formalized over the Summer Session and posted in the Fall 2016 Class Schedule. Ambulance Providers that maintain an educational affiliation agreement with Las Positas College to provide Field Internship training may also charge a fee ranging from $1,000.00 to $3, 000.00 that is the responsibility of the Student.
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