Illinois Wesleyan University - Environmental Studies Program

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Environmental Studies examines issues that arise from the interaction of human beings with the natural world.

Understanding these issues and meeting the challenges they pose requires knowledge from diverse disciplines, and new modes of thinking be developed.

At Illinois Wesleyan, our interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program is designed to educate a new generation of students who are critical and creative thinkers, committed to advancing environmental sustainability both locally and globally.

Our students acquire a solid foundation in ecological principles, earth science concepts and scientific causes of today's environmental challenges, as well as the institutions - cultural, political, and economic - and ethical dimensions through which to tackle them.

We offer both a major and minor degree - with four unique ways to complete the major. Students can pursue a General Major or choose one of three areas of concentration: Ecology, Environmental Policy or International Environmental Sustainability.

Major - We offer four unique ways to complete the Environmental Studies major.

• General
• Ecology
• Environmental Policy
• International Environmental Sustainability

Minor - A student who wishes to pursue a disciplinary major, but would like to supplement his or her education with coursework on the environment, should consider pursuing an Environmental Studies Minor.
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