Illinois College - Environmental Studies Program

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Jacksonville, IL 62650
United States
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The Environmental Studies program at Illinois College is a highly interdisciplinary major that integrates courses in the humanities, life sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences. Faculty members from the biology, chemistry, physics, economics, English, international studies, political science, psychology, and sociology departments participate in the program.
There are several unique features of the environmental studies program. First, through interdisciplinary curriculum students are exposed to environmental issues, and there potential solutions, from many different perspectives.

These include, but are not limited to, the science of recognition and remediation of environmental problems, the social issues associated with adverse environmental conditions, and communicating environmental concerns through different mediums and cultures. Illinois College is located near important field research areas, and through field courses, students travel off campus to investigate different ecosystems, hydrologic settings, and sites of environmental interest.

Program Degree's Offered:

• General Environmental Studies
• Wildlife Management
• Environmental Policy
• Humanities
• Ecohydrology
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