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The challenges of today's environment -- air and water pollution, deforestation and species loss, peak oil consumption and climate change -- are complex and interconnected issues. The interdisciplinary fields of environmental science and environmental studies are both dedicated to the study of these critical problems with the aim of identifying feasible solutions. Environmental Science focuses on the study of natural systems and the application of technology to protect and improve the environment while Environmental Studies focuses on the interaction between human and natural systems and the connection between science and policy.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) major is designed for those students with an interest in the more technical aspects of environmental systems. Students take a series of rigorous courses in chemistry, physics, biology, earth systems science, and mathematics. Upper level B.S. students can choose to follow a general environmental science track or complement their environmental science courses with a biology or chemistry concentration.

What can I do with an ENVS degree?
The B.S. Environmental Science major prepares students for advanced studies in the environmental sciences or careers in the private and public sectors as environmental scientists.

The B.A. Environmental Studies major prepares students for advanced studies in environmental policy, management, or law and for careers in the increasing number of public and private organizations and companies pursuing environmental and sustainability goals.

Degree's Available:

• Environmental Science (B.S.)
• Environmental Studies (B.A.)
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