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Environmental Studies Programs:
These programs prepare students for work and involvement in environmental professions and issues. The Bachelor of Sciences in Environmental Studies degree emphasizes chemical and ecological aspects of environmental analysis.

• Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies
• Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies
• Combined BS/MS or BA/MS in Environmental Studies
• Minor in Environmental Studies

The Department of Earth and Environment has well qualified faculty and well equipped laboratories and field facilities to teach students concepts and field and laboratory techniques across the earth and environmental sciences, policy and management. The Department offers four undergraduate degree programs that broadly cover scientific and social aspects of understanding and managing earth and environmental systems. The degree programs are: the Bachelor of Science in Geosciences, the Bachelor of Arts in Earth Sciences, the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, and the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies.

The Bachelor of Science in Geosciences has two majors: Atmospheric Sciences and Geological Sciences. The Bachelor of Arts in Earth Sciences has a major in Earth Science Education, which is offered jointly with FIU’s College of Education. The Department also administers three undergraduate Certificate programs in conjunction with other units. They are: the Certificate in Environmental Studies, the Certificate in Agroecology and the Certificate in Biodiversity Conservation and Management. The Department is also a major focus of the Certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, administered by FIU’s GIS/Remote Sensing Center.

The Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies provides students with a strong background in the natural sciences as preparation for employment across the environmental sciences fields, including employment within resource management agencies and environmental consulting firms, and/or for further graduate work. Within this BS, students may specialize either in the physical or ecological environmental sciences. The degree is interdisciplinary in nature and majors are also required to gain some expertise in environmental policy and economics.

The Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Studies provides students with a broad interdisciplinary background in the Liberal Arts tradition, and includes components of the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities. The emphasis is on environmental policy and all students are required to choose a subject area specialization (e.g. international environmental policy, biological resource management, etc.), or a minor within another related field (e.g. economics, geography, geology, biology, etc.). The BA prepares students for careers with resource management agencies, environmental education facilities, as well as for graduate programs in environmental policy and management.
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