Danville, VA
Averett University offers a range of majors in Biological and Physical Science, any of which can form the foundation of a career in the life sciences.
Newport News, VA
The program is flexible enough to fit the interests and needs of a wide variety of students and is designed for students planning to pursue a Ph.D., teachers wanting a M.S. in a biological science, or students interested in careers. . .
Newport News, VA
All environmental studies majors will be equipped to critically analyze policy statements and public discourse regarding the environment. In addition, research methodologies and environmental theory will form the basis for student investigations.
Harrisonburg, VA
Students can major in a science or social science with an environmental emphasis, or they can partner an environmental minor with any major.
Lynchburg, VA
Bachelor’s degrees in environmental studies and environmental science are offered. A minor in environmental studies is an option for students in any major program who wish to add an environmental perspective to their chosen field.
Sweet Briar, VA
Sweet Briar offers a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental studies. The faculty is committed to our students and to the natural world.
Fredericksburg, VA
Environmental Science Majors and the Environmental Sustainability Minor - Each of our majors provides a strong background for either immediate employment or advanced study in graduate school.
Richmond, VA
Environmental Studies Major & Minor - The Environmental Studies Program offers students the opportunity to study how humans should relate to the natural world, a subject that has become increasingly relevant as more people begin paying attention. . .
Charlottesville, VA
An environmental engineer must be technically competent and have the ability to analyze a problem, interpret the results, and synthesize a solution that is technically, economically, socially, and politically viable.
Charlottesville, VA
In addition to a full undergraduate program, the Department offers graduate degree programs leading to the Master of Arts, Master of Science . . .