Big Rapids, MI
Students in the Department of Biological Sciences may pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, or a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.
Allendale, MI
Grand Valley’s B.S in Occupational Safety and Health Management degree is structured to provide students with the proper balance of safety management and scientific training required in the field.
Allendale, MI
The Environmental Studies program integrates humanities, natural and social science, and environmental policy and planning perspectives.
Livonia, MI
Designed to provide a breadth and depth of biological and physical science education requisite to addressing and adjusting to the demands of a field in an increasingly complex scientific world while developing the student ability to think. . .
Livonia, MI
The Environmental Science program fosters the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills in the biological and physical sciences.
Houghton, MI
All of our degree programs heavily emphasize field and lab techniques, geographic information systems, and, computer and quantitative skills. We excel at bringing all our students together to work as a team in our complex natural. . .
Rochester, MI
Students interested in environmental health are often looking for a grander view of the world. An interest in the natural world, its preservation, and its improvement is a guiding force for environmental health students.
Ann Arbor, MI
The CEE undergraduate programs at the University of Michigan are traditional four-year programs of study resulting in Bachelor of Science in Engineering degrees in either Civil Engineering (BSE CE) or Environmental Engineering (BSE EnvE).
Detroit, MI
Candidates for the B. S. degrees in Environmental Science must complete 120 credits of course work including satisfaction of the College Group Requirements and the University General Education Requirements, in addition to Environmental. . .