Shreveport, LA
The department offers course work leading to both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees in Geology.
Ruston, LA
The industrial engineering curriculum has been developed to prepare students for meaningful careers in this challenging and important branch of engineering. Industrial engineers are involved in all aspects of manufacturing and service industries.
New Orleans, LA
Environmental Science and Environmental Studies majors are expected to complete a 4-course core curriculum that consists of an introductory foundations course, a course in statistics, an ecology and evolution course, and a senior capstone course.
Lake Charles, LA
The Department of Biology and Health Sciences offers four-year programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science, Clinical Laboratory Science, and Radiologic Sciences.
Thibodaux, LA
Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology select one of eleven concentration areas to study. Although each biology student enrolls in the same core courses, students in each concentration enroll in elective courses specific to. . .
Hammond, LA
Southeastern's Occupational Safety, Health and Environment program provides a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students with the ability to become highly qualified safety, industrial hygiene and environmental professionals.
New Orleans, LA
The undergraduate program is preparatory to our 4+1 M.S. degree program in environmental science. EVST is a coherent and definitive compilation of the university’s wide range of environmental concentration courses.