Danville, KY
Many of the courses fulfilling ENS major or minor requirements, especially in the sciences, have prerequisites, and several courses are not offered regularly or are offered only once every two years.
Richmond, KY
The Environmental Health Science program offers a Bachelor of Science degree. majors and options in fully accredited programs.
Richmond, KY
The BBA and BS in Risk Management & Insurance at EKU are the only undergraduate insurance degrees in Kentucky.
Richmond, KY
The curriculum includes education in safety, security and emergency management, including security, fire science, occupational safety, traffic safety, risk management, and emergency medical services.
Murray, KY
The Department of Occupational Safety & Health provides a variety of curriculum options which include a Bachelor of Science in the area of occupational safety and health (safety and environmental tracks); Master of Science in occupational safety. . .
Murray, KY
The region offers a wide variety of technical and administrative positions in environmental and/or safety management, chemical production, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance.
Highland Heights, KY
The environmental science program is an interdisciplinary program that provides those interested in environmental careers with a strong background in biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, and physics.
Lexington, KY
The Bachelor of Arts Major in ENS is an important addition to the University’s Degree possibilities. Students can obtain the ENS B.A. as a stand-alone degree or as a second Major with any other department or discipline-specific B.A. or B.S. degree.
Bowling Green, KY
The B.S. in Geography and Environmental Studies program at WKU is the largest such program in Kentucky or Tennessee. The B.S. Geography and Environmental Studies program requires a minimum of 52 semester hours of geography, plus. . .