DePaul University - Department of Environmental Science and Studies

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​​1 E. Jackson
Chicago, IL 60604
United States
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Welcome to the Department of Environmental Science and Studies.

Environmental Sciences and Studies provides a supportive environment that stimulates analytical thinking and encourages a broad perspective in learning for our majors and those taking our courses; challenging them to get the maximum benefit from their talents and skills.

Students in Environmental Science and Studies gain knowledge on how the natural world works, how we interact with it and how we can work to protect, restore and sustain it for the future. Studying the intersections between ecology, the social sciences, and the humanities, our students learn the interrelationships between human society and the natural world. Through contexts such as natural sciences, communication, geography, religion, history, literature, art and design, and public policy, Environmental Science and Studies majors gain an understanding of the core concepts of and current issues in environmental science.

We offer two undergraduate programs:

• BS in Environmental Science
• BA in Environmental Studies

As well as minors in:

• Environmental Science
• Environmental Studies
• Sustainability Studies
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