Clark College - Environmental Science Program

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Environmental scientists apply mathematics and scientific principles to solve environmental problems. They develop ways to reduce, correct, or prevent damage to the environment.

Following the completion of a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree at a four-year institution of the student's choice, several avenues of employment or advancement are open. A few of these are:

• Environmental engineering
• Environmental law
• State and federal wildlife agencies
• Environmental science teaching at the elementary or secondary level
• Environmental research scientist
• Environmental planning/policy analyst
• Nonprofit environmental organizations

Environmental Science is a highly interdisciplinary field; students interested in careers in the Environmental Sciences will need a fundamental understanding of a variety of sciences and social sciences. Depending on specific career objectives, students pursuing a four-year degree in Environmental Science may want to emphasize additional coursework in such fields as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Oceanography, or the Atmospheric Sciences. Students planning careers in Environmental Studies, Environmental Regulation and Policy, or Regional Planning may want to emphasize additional coursework in the Social Sciences, Business, or Economics.
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