Chattanooga State Community College - Division of Mathematics & Sciences

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The Division of Mathematics & Sciences curriculum is designed to help the student think more liberally. Calculus, Statistics, Biology and Chemistry are just a few of the courses offered.

Division Programs Include:

• Biology A.S. (TTP)
• Chemistry A.S. (TTP)
• Environmental Science A.S. General Transfer
• Mathematics A.A. General Transfer
• Mathematics A.S. (TTP)
• Physics A.S. (TTP)
• Pre-Dentistry A.S. (TTP)
• Pre-Medical Technology A.S. General Transfer
• Pre-Medicine A.S. (TTP)
• Pre-Occupational Therapy A.S. (TTP)
• Pre-Optometry A.S. (TTP)
• Pre-Pharmacy A.S. (TTP)
• Pre-Physical Therapy A.S. (TTP)
• Pre-Veterinary Medicine A.S. General Transfer

Environmental Science is the study of the interactions between living things, and their interaction with their non-living surroundings. Students of environmental science observe what the interactions are; how they work; how human activities affect the interactions; and how humans are affected. Environmental science is a dynamic, multidisciplinary field encompassing biology, ecology, physics, chemistry, geology, geography, political science, sociology, and economics.

Environmental Science has a wide array of career opportunities. Graduates with an environmental science background find employment in education, industry, politics, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Potential careers also include wildlife biologist, conservation officer, ecologist, land manager, resource manager, environmental chemist, environmental geologist, health physicist, environmental engineer, soil scientist, forester, demographer, and educator.
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