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Students choose Capital because they want a career that’s more than a job title. They want a career that allows them to improve lives.

What better way to improve lives than to discover and better understand the science of life — the foundation, structure, evolution, purpose and interconnectedness of living organisms, and the environments in which they coexist?

Biological and Environmental Sciences is a growing discipline where new career paths and areas of specialization emerge with each new scientific discovery and environmental problem facing the United States and the rest of the world.

But whether your interests lie in medicine, immunology, molecular genetics, forensics, air and water quality management, habitat preservation, wildlife biology, aquatic invertebrates, pharmacy, environmental law, cytogenetics, biochemistry (the list goes on), your path toward a career in the life sciences begins with your major in Biological and Environmental Sciences at Capital.

Majors: Biology:

• Pre-Medicine
• Biology
• Biology: Pre-Occupational Therapy
• Environmental Science
• Biology: Pre-Physical Therapy

Capital's environmental science degree leads to careers in various fields or to graduate school. Private businesses and industries employ environmental scientists as environmental consultants, to design and operate pollution remediation and health and safety activities, and to ensure environmental regulation compliance.
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