ATC Associates, Inc.

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Austin, TX 78758
United States
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At ATC we know every nuance of Environmental Consulting, Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health, Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing & Inspection issues. We know the urgency of using our expertise to further your business and sustainability goals. We know regulations on the ground—in’s and out’s that will facilitate your next project. And we know the importance of responding quickly and respecting budgets.

At ATC, we know. And now, so do you.

You know that we are a large, robust firm with the expertise to handle any challenge and the speed to meet it quickly. You know that ATC is self-contained and fully accountable; every facet of our expertise resides in house. And as you navigate this site, you’ll come to know that we’ve met many of the industry’s toughest challenges for many of the nation’s most demanding clients. And you’ll come to know this, too: at ATC, every client counts. Large and small. National and local.

To nurture strong client relationships and referrals by consistently exceeding expectations through our professional, well-trained, well-equipped and motivated team.

Safety First:
ATC’s most valuable assets are our employees. And, in our business, they mostly work in remote locations. That’s why the principles from our ongoing Safety First program are woven into the fabric of every day activities that make safety a way of life. Our staff, their families, co-workers, and clients all enjoy the benefits of a safe and healthy working environment because of our Safety First policies.
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