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The degree concentrations in Environmental and Life Science include:

• Applied Environmental Science
• Environmental Biology
• Environmental Chemistry
• Environmental Geology
• Environmental Health
• Earth Science
• Global Ecology
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Life Science
• Natural History
• Environmental Health
• Conservation Theory
• Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies

The specific course requirements for these program offerings are designed by the student and primary mentor and are typically based on the degree concentration, the student's academic and professional goals, and the traditional academic expectations for the intended degree level.

Over the last four decades, the study of environmental issues has grown from a narrow niche in the field of biology, to an overarching and interdisciplinary arena of investigation and application. The study of how humanity interacts with and impacts the natural environment touches every area of human endeavor, from science and technology, to economics and social structures.

Human activities have arguably done more damage to the environment in the last 100 years of recorded history, then throughout all of the rest of our species' existence. Many of the technological and industrial processes that we rely so heavily upon are built on a framework that is fundamentally unsustainable. Issues related to climatic change, acid deposition, energy production, hazardous waste, population growth, and depletion of non-renewable natural resources has forced humanity to take a closer look at how we interact with our environment.

The various academic area of concentration offered through the Environmental Studies Program can prepare students for careers in environmental research, policy development, industrial compliance, environmental consulting, academics, and many other related areas. The courses of study offered through the Center are not only academically challenging, but also provide a sound framework for career development. I hope that you will join us in exploring opportunities to further your academic pursuits in a field which is both exciting and offers the opportunity devote your skills to the improvement of the human condition. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our programs, I invite you to contact the University.
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